Interior Ideas: Tips for Chosing Colours for Curtains & Soft Furnishings With Confidence

Choosing the right colour for your soft furnishings and window dressings seems a challenging task to many. Understanding what goes with which colour and how to get the best out of your interior through the use of colours in your soft furnishings is fundamental to your dream space.

10 Ways You Can Make Your Home Even Homier

A kitchen remodel let’s you redesign your space, starting with a clean slate. Take this new room and create a home for you, your friends and family. Here are 10 ways to make your home even homier.

9 Tips for Planning Your Indoor Garden

Although gardening is a great hobby, not everyone has the outdoor space required. Here are 9 great tips to plan & execute an indoor garden of your own.

White Marble is a Great Choice of Residential and Commercial Use

White marble has proven its significance in the past. Taj Mahal made of white marble is the prime instance. An individual doesn’t need to create one monument like that. He requires only white marble usage in his house judiciously. The service industry is on the rise and people are now inclined towards technology. Nowadays, wide arrays of options are there in the market to go well with one’s requirements and funds.

Investing In Professional Interior Designing – Ideas for Every Budget

How can you go for professional interior designing looks for your home without going over the budget? Read on to find some ideas.

Determining a Rug’s Country of Origin

Learning how to classify an oriental rug can be a timely endeavor. In addition to learning the expansive variety of ways that a rug can be classified, you need to understand that some classifications methods are more important than others. For example, weavers and merchants can classify a rug based on its color, weave pattern, material, and the weaving group that made the rug, but each of these criteria take a back seat to the most important and influential classification form: country of origin. Determining a rug’s country of origin can help you truly understand the monetary and emotional value of a rug.

Spicing Up Your Home With Shabby Chic Home Decor

The Shabby Chic decor style popularized by Rachel Ashwell and Arhaus seeks to have an opulent vintage look. Colors prevalent are white, pastel and ecru. Fabrics are generously hemmed giving a soft and deep feeling.

Investing In A Flat Weave Style Rug Or Tapestry Is A Smart Move

There are varying types of flat weave rug and they come with different names according to where they’re from and also how they are produced or made. Some of the most common names for flat weave rugs include: Kilim – Navajo – Rag Rug – Aubusson – Dhurrie – Soumak. The flat weave rug is typically made of cotton, wool or a blend of the two. Of course there are some modern imitators that use synthetic fibers, but most prefer authentic styles which are hand woven and not made by a machine.

The Iconic Lisa Cane – Guaranteed to Enliven Your Landscapes

The artificial plants can augment the aesthetic beauty of the entire ambience. Hence they are considered as a necessity rather than a fashion symbol. There is no extra cost for maintenance while it is solving your purpose.

The Best Locations to Buy Oriental Rugs

Once you decide to purchase an oriental rug or carpet for your home, you may be slightly overwhelmed by the number of places to buy from. It is important to shop around before you make a purchase to ensure that you find the best offer on the market. With the wide variety of places available to purchase rugs from, there are options for every type of rug-purchasing consumer needs.

Treat Your Window With Shutters to Create an “Open” Feeling

Decorating a home can be difficult. Everything from the floor to the ceiling and to the walls are expected to harmonize and capture the “exact feel” you want. The type of materials, colors, along with many factors are carefully considered so that there will be no clashing in patterns, and the entire home will be designed “just perfectly.

Effective Ways To Add Charm To Existing Interiors

Wondering how you can revamp the interiors of your house? These are tips that can come in handy in many ways!

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