The Specialised Art of Persian Carpet Cleaning

You have just finished decorating your beautiful home and you are now relying on your interior designer to help with the finishing touches. The finishing touches that will now give your room the air of opulence, intrigue and luxury.

Antique Rugs – The Must Have Home Accessory!

Once the expensive obsessions of sultans and wealthy nobleman; antique rugs have come a long way since their creation over 2000 years ago. With a spectacular leaf patterned blue recently selling at auction for $9.6 million, they have become big business all over the world.

Don’t Bind the Beauty of the Glass Mosaics – Get Motivational Decors

Glass windows or backslash are not for institutional or holy designs. It can enhance the style of commercial and residential apartments as well. Now, you can get a wide gallery to view the beauty of Glass mosaics for sale. Through color, design and texture these mosaics can enhance the style of your windows, bathroom, kitchen and other parts of the house.

The Question, Where to Buy Porcelain?

The modern day flooring has attained new heights. There was a time when the floors were generally made of cement and red stone. These indigenous ways soon repealed and the new things gave the way. Today the natural stones are used more and more for the flooring purposes.

Should I Use Marble Tiles in Modern Homes? What Would Be the Benefits?

The modern houses are designed with marble tiles, because of its durability and beauty. There are some benefits and restrictions of the tiles. Here, people would know the ways to make the marble slabs fruitful.

Vintage Style Interiors

I love designing with vintage decor pieces because it gives a sense of history and a collectors edge. Whimsical with history the palace doors tell stories of the dynasties that ruled the lands, the battles fought and the epic love stories that are so romantic.

Caucasian Rugs Origin & Weaving Patterns

Caucasian rugs originate from the Caucasus region located between the Black and Caspian Seas. This region – previously the south-western part of the Soviet Union before its disbandment – encompasses nearly 160,000 square miles of territory.

Black and White Photography As a Statement in the Art World

Black and white photography is a relative new endeavour in terms of the artistic tradition, though the first signs of monochromatic drawings can be dated back some 6000 years ago. The increasing popularity of monochromatic photography relates to its focus on composition and its pretention to portray objects differently. By removing the distraction that color gives, one can send a greater message with the photograph.

Lavish Bedroom Ideas Inspired From Bollywood Movies

Are you a fan of Bollywood movies? You must be familiar with the famous stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. They are very popular among the Bollywood fans.

5 Best Italian Marble Tiles for Interior and Exterior – Tips of Residential and Commercial Decor

The leading importer-cum-manufacturer is bringing the best Italian Marble tile into the market. Now, the people can desire for sublime beauty and comfort. Here, you can know about some inspiring Italian Marble and its strengths.

Vintage Collection of Glass Bottles

Ever wondered, what is the basic thing we can never live without in our life? It is water. Water is one of the basic necessities of our life. Everything from a simple sip of water to a glass of wine, it is a fuel to our daily life.

Kid’s Room Interior

Are you brainstorming yourself for the perfect ideas to decorate your child’s room? Well, we definitely believe you, about how difficult it is to come up with the best interior theme for the toddler. These days, children are more creative than what we can even think of. It is very important to design the kid’s room interior with the perfect taste of your child.

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