6 Great Types of Decorative Home Accessories

Home decorating isn’t a simple task. Textures, decorative items and wall colors must be made to complement each other.

All About Printable Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a fashionable way to decorate the interior surfaces of a wall, this article gives in-depth knowledge on the process and the making of these work of art pieces. Read more about how they can be used to creatively express any artistic idea on our living room walls.

Modern Vs Contemporary Decor Style

When choosing a decor style for your house it is best to know what styles are out there. Many people talk about two styles as if they are one. Modern design and contemporary design may incorporate similarities but they are definitely different styles.

12 Colors and How To Use Them In Your Home

Have you ever wanted to repaint your home, or redecorate but didn’t know what colors you wanted? Here are 12 colors, how they play on your emotions, and how they affect the feeling in your home.

How Can You Upgrade Your Home Interior Designs in 2017?

Home decor is one segment that promises a new set of trends year after year, and this year is no different at all. Whether it is about revamping your entire kitchen space or adding quirky illustrations to glam up your wall designs, or adding enticing floor designs in your entire home, there is absolutely no dearth of home interior designs that one can opt for. Take a look into some of the latest trends in Home Interior that are sure to leave you gasping for more:

Top 10 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Interiors More Creative

Bedrooms are, undoubtedly, the coziest corner in your entire home and you surely do not want to leave any stone unturned to make this private space of yours as creative as you can imagine. Fortunately, for many decor experts, there has been plenty of creative bedroom interior designs that are stylish and elegant, both at the same time. Take a look into some of the best bedroom interior designs to turn your boring bedroom space into a quirky room that is a reflection of your personal sense of style.

Authentic Eclectic Millennial Interiors

Authentic design, love for the luxe yet grounded in their passion for conscious living, millennials have unique living needs. Millennials love technology that makes life more connected, emboldened and adaptable designs that evolve with their lifestyle over time. Interior design for millennials is all about creativity, originality but practical and functional as well. Millennials optimize even the smallest of spaces and storage is key. Old trunk chests re-purposed into coffee tables or chai tables have more than one use and take up less space. Use them to store your extra pillows or magazines. Antique doors from Havelis in India used as wall sculptures express individuality and uniqueness as well as provide grounding energies. End Tables and chests created from old windows with brass work, bookcases using arched door frames and eclectic carvings, the old woods and rustic patina give the old farmhouse character.

When to Save or Splurge When Redecorating Your Home

This article tells you when to save or splurge when redecorating or renovating your home. Get tips for items you can save or splurge on.

Know About Crema Marfil Marble Before Using it for Home Renovation

Home decoration with natural stone is always in high demand among all. Every resident wants to decorate the house with different types of tiles, then opting for attractive tiles made of natural stones will surely be the best option. Among these styles, crema marfil marble is always known the most famous one and this is able to provide an abundance of beauty. This is hugely used in mosaic and backsplash designs.

Becoming an Urban Pioneer

Urban pioneering is taking the best ex-industrial spaces and products to create unique, distinctive homes that reflect the marrying of the old and new, while protecting and utilizing the integrity of both. An urban pioneer looks for large empty buildings or spaces, to convert for their home or business while keeping the original elements that are safe, visualling appealing, useful, and just plain fun. Many people are jumping on the industrial or urban style band wagon and are really enjoying the experience as well as thier new space.

5 Best Apps For Interior Designers

There are many useful Apps on the market used by architects, designers, and professionals in the construction industry. An interior designer needs to take notes, measurements, and look at color pallets. Designing the interior style of a room may mean looking at plans, for a room that is still being constructed, or, it may mean looking at an existing room.

Entrance Door Decoration Ideas

As homeowners we enjoy to show off our beautiful homes and decoration skills. All of us are not that creative when it comes to entrance ways but we all yearn for it. Here are some ideas that could spruce up the front part of your home.

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