15+ Interior Design Ideas for Small Indian Homes

Many people live in small apartments. Everyone wants to make their home beautiful, modular, and luxury. Try to use space saving furniture ideas, so here we talk about some small size interior design ideas.

How to Create a Nighttime Winter Wonderland

If you want to create a Winter Wonderland that comes alive at night, then you are going to have to do some serious decorating in your yard. Creating an amazing Winter Wonderland does take a little work, but it is well worth it because when people visit your home for Christmas they are going to feel as if they stepped into a magical fairyland the minute that they walk onto your pathway. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can turn a standard yard into a Winter Wonderland and make visiting your home a magical experience for everyone who visits.

Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces, Antique Architecture and Vintage Doors

Creating expansive outdoor living spaces beyond the pool in your country farmhouse acreage is being in a dynamic conversation with nature’s beauty and artistic elements. Older pool decks were smaller and enclosed and kept you away from absorbing nature’s energies. The newer back to normal is including the outdoors as an extension of the house. Creating larger spaces for outdoor dining, a fire pit, and using antique architectural elements that brings in new energy and connectivity to the open spaces.

Eclectic Decor, Artistic Elements

Eclectic decor refers to a style of interior design where free spirit and the unexpected play a predominant role, bringing in the elements of different styles and vintage antiquities. Eclectic interior design picks the vivaciousness of artistic elements and period pieces, styling in the synergy of different cultures and traditions. Breathe new life into your home with globally inspired art and vintage finds. Your living room can get the much needed style update, with a mix of the cutting edge flat panel television accented with an old haveli door sideboard that works in negating the harmful electromagnetic radiation that emanates from all our gadgets. The jali coffee table in sunset hues incorporates your creative element off setting it with the luxurious plush sofa and chaise.

How Can PAAVAA Help With Your Home Renovation Project?

Home renovation takes a lot of preparation, patience, and research to do it right. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for some pretty gnarly headaches along the way when problems start arising. But, your home deserves a renovation, so you need to find the best way to carry out your renovation project, and you need to do it on a budget.

Why Having a Modern Home Interior Is a Good Thing

Everyone has a way of living their life. Majority of the people rely on having a great home design. A modern home interior encompasses soothing upholstery, designer curtains, textured walls, and so much more.

Explore Traditional Indian Hand Art

Handmade products have their own charm as they depict different themes in folk-art, or descriptions from an era, mythologies, or rituals with symbolic expressions. The finesse, choice of design, material and style, all contribute to the purpose of the piece of art while making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Interior Design Chennai

Blue Interiors offers interior design service, such as Home Interior Designers Chennai, Interior Decorators Chennai, tailoring splendid crafted interiors for all our clients. At Blue Interior Designs, we aim to deliver extra ordinary craftsmanship home / office interiors that create long lasting memories and pleasure. A team of well professional and trained people brings out the best creativity of our client’s vision and dream. The team comprises of different skill sets and analysis. This diversity reflects highly appreciated creative works offering the best possible solution to our clients.

Use Blinds to Give Modern and Stylish Look to Home

Today there are many decoration stuff used that can help to give new look to home and one of it is Vertical Blinds. It is made with individual slats that are then connected to a sliding track and joined together due to weight. A chain is used to turn or tilt slats while the cord is used to open and close blinds as required.

Plantation Shutter Can Add Beauty to the Home

It is very important to change the interior of the home with time so that it can have stylish look. One such thing that is best for any type of home is window covering. Stylish and attractive window covering is easily available today and one of it is plantation shutter which is able to survive in any environmental changes. This type of window covering does not have glass but its unique look is best when it is about privacy and security.

Six Best Ways to Decorate Your Home On a Budget

Here are six strategies you can use to save money on home decor! These ideas will also help you achieve a unique, personalized look that suits your style.

Advantages of Linen Fabric. Why It Is Such a Big Hit Now in Interiors. Beddding and Clothing?

Linen Fabric is more popular than ever. It is the most fashionable choice for soft furnishing, bed linen and clothing. One of the main reasons is that it is 100% natural fabric and the most gorgeous fabric ever created! It is ecological choice also. Linen fabric has many benefits and here we explain the most important reasons why linen fabric products sales especially in home interiors continues to soar every month.

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