Handmade Glass T-Light Holder

We believe lighting can bring a different kind of ambience in the house. A perfect lighting to your living space can tell how you feel about your home. It is very important to know what colour and which light suits the best part of your perfect little ‘world of living’.

Beautiful Statement Pieces in Bronze

Decorating your home is as equivalent to a self-discovery. It takes a lot of time, effort and choices to decide on which style to go with, because ultimately, a home is a place which is a mirror reflection of you. A lot of you, at first think of the best designs and decor that might reflect your personal choice of style.With consistent research, magazine flip and flaps, long discussion on why and how do you want things to look up at your place; and finally zeroing down to one theme, out of many out of the box ideas – is sure some task. Isn’t it?

Designer Handmade Hooks and Hangers

Hooks and hangers have always played functional duties in your home or office decor. It helps in keeping and arranging things, neatly.

Decorative Indian Classical Designed Lamps

Lighting of your home brings a different look and aura to your decor. With a simple and correct lighting, a mere small room looks quite spacious. Well, that’s the magic of lighting. Since the festive season is here, it is time to decorate your entire house with a lot of beautiful and colourful lighting. Isn’t it? After all, lighting denotes welcoming of good feeling and joy in our lives.

Decorative Exclusive Christmas Ornaments

And it’s that time of the year where we sing, ‘Jingle Jingle Bell, Jingle All The Way’- loud and cheerfully, together, with our loved and dear ones! Christmas comes all alive, bringing happiness, blessings and a hoard lot of love and wisdom, in the bleak cold days of the winter time.

Bed and Table Linen With Hand Embroidery

Do you begin your day with a yawn followed by a smile, then stretch out your hands and loosen up the nerves and finally get out of your bed? If yes, then, of course, you had a good night sleep!

Latest Trend! Metal Accent Tiles for Backsplash Poise

The world of interior design has what is called “hot trends”. This is where a popular product is being used more and more in certain projects. Today, metal accent tiles are the trend. Metal tiles can add a distinctive look to a tile project. If it’s the entire backsplash or just accents, metal tiles are popular today!

Learn About The Various Benefits Of Hanging Wallpaper On Your House Walls

Everyone wants to decorate their home and office spaces. Wallpaper is the best way to accomplish this task. With thousands of creative patterns and designs, it becomes an easy and enjoyable way to add an aesthetic and glamorous touch to any wall.

Balinese Decor Ideas For Tropical Home Design

The modular shapes, craftsman qualities, natural materials and ornate details are some characteristics of Balinese decor ideas. The homeowners who are interested with ethnic eclectic style should borrow the Balinese style. Create an eye-popping look on the wall with tropical color schemes.

Wood Effect Tiles – The 5 Major Advantages Over Natural Wood

Increasingly, more consumers eschew natural timber floors in favor of ceramic or porcelain replicas. This article examines the 5 driving forces behind this change in purchasing patterns, and explains why wood effect floor tiles are growing in popularity.

The Rise of the New Age Interior Designing Companies

The interior designing industry in India is valued at USD 25 Billion and is projected to cross USD 35 Billion by 2019. However, 95% of this industry is completely unorganized and lacks transparency and professionalism.

Washing an Oriental Rug

Creating an Oriental rug is a long and intricate process with many steps. Different cultures have unique steps that they follow, making each rug authentic to the culture’s style. Just like each culture has its own weaving designs, traditions, and color palettes, each culture also has its own rug washing traditions.

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